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Ankh Plaque of Power
Only Kings, Queens and Gods were allowed to carry the Ankh, also known as the Breath of Life. The an..
Anubis Lifesize Egyptian Statue
Anubis was the Guardian of Offerings brought to the ceremony by heirs of the deceased and he also..
Anubis Warrior Statue in Black
Anubis, the Ancient Egptian God is a man with the head of a jackal (dog) and is the defender of t..
Anubis With Staff Brown Stone Statue
Anubis, God of the Dead, represented with a head of a jackal or simply as a jackal opened the roa..
Bast Goddess Female Statue
Stunning representation of Bastet, the Eyptian Cat Goddess as a beautiful woman with the ears of ..
Bastet 8 Inch Bronze Finished Statue
Goddess of Music, Dancing, Joy, and Family Goddess Bastet, also known as Bast, is the daught..
Bastet Black Cat Mini Statue
Black cold cast resin statue of Bast has gold necklace with scarab pendant and sits on a hierogly..
Bastet Black Cat with Gold Necklace Statue
Black cold cast resin statue of Bast has gold necklace. She measures 8 1/2 inches high. ..
Bastet Bronze Hieroglyic Statue
Beautifully detailed Bastet Statue is 12.5 inches high and weighs almost 8 pounds in bronze cold ..
Bastet Large Egyptian Statue Black and Gold
Bastet was the cat headed goddess of Ancient Egypt. Lover of luxury, Goddess of joy and happiness..
Bastet with Scarab Collar Statue
Black cold cast resin statue of Bast has gold collar and scarab. She measures 8 1/2 inches high. ..
Cleopatra as Isis Statue
In this lovely cold cast resin statue, Cleopatra appears as Isis with hand painted detail. Measur..
Crystal Nile Goddess Statue
This Goddess replica is a composite of several images found scattered from Libya to Egypt. Dated ..
Djed Pillar Plaque of Osiris
This cold cast resin plaque is 8 3/4 inches high...
Egyptian Ankh Djed Was Amulet Statue
The fabulous amulet is a combination of: the Ankh cross with open eye symbolizing eternal..
Egyptian Scarab Wall Relief Color Plaque
The scarab was associated very early on in Egypt with the generative forces of the rising sun and..
Guardian Lifesize Egyptian Statue
This amazing statue is life size - a full 72 inches high. It is beautifully detailed in black and go..
King Akhenaton Offering to Aten Sun God Relief
Akhenaton, originally named Amenhotep IV, ruled Egypt for 17 years (1367-1350 b.c.) together with..
King Tut Bronze Resin Bust
This cold cast resin version s made of bronze infused cold cast resin with amazing detail. Not ac..
King Tut Emerging from Lotus Statue
Based on a carved wood statue found in the tomb of King Tut. Beautfully finished cold cast resin ..
King Tut Spear Fishing Statue
As a boy, King Tut loved to fish In this cold cast resin statue modeled after an ancient original..
King Tut Upper Egypt Statue
This cold cast resin statue has beautiful detail from the folds on his kilt to the tips of the fl..
Maat Bronze Egyptian Goddess Statue
The Goddess Maat is the personification of the Egyptian concept of truth, balance and justice. He..
Mask of King Tut Small Statue
This marvelous mask of excellent workmanship protected the head of the mummy of Tutankhamun. Furt..
Min Bronze Egyptian Fertility God Statue
Min was thought to make men and women fertile as well as bring a bounty of crops. Nude statue with e..
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Nathor Nile Goddess Statue
This Goddess replica is a composite of several images found scattered from Libya to Egypt. Dated ..
Nefertiti Egyptian Queen Bust Gallery Reproduction
Nefertiti means "the Beautiful one is Come". The bust of painted limestone was found by the Germa..
Nile Goddess Small Bronze Statue
The Nile Goddess dates from the earliest period in Egyptian History, before the time of the Phara..
Nuit - the Sky Goddess Statue
Nuit is the ancient Egyptian sky goddess who mated with the Earth (Geb) to give birth to Isis, Os..
Osiris Egyptian God Statue
Osiris - King of the Gods, Lord of the Underworld, Brother and Husband of Isis. One of the mo..
Pharoahs Cow Bed Miniature
Finely detailed replica in miniature, this bed is cold cast resin measuring 5 3/4 inches high...
Ra With Staff Brown Stone Statue
Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god. By the Fifth Dynasty he had become a major deity in ancient Egyp..
The Scales of Judgment Egyptian Plaque
This was not a physical weighing of the organ by living Egyptians, it was a ceremony that took place..
Throne of Sitamun Miniature
Finely detailed replica in miniature, this throne is cold cast resin standing 7 inches high - great ..
Thutmose III Egyptian Bust
This stone finished head of Thutmose III is based on an ancient Egyptian statue in the Luxor Museum...
Tyet Knot of Isis Plaque
Isis has been one of the most beloved of the Egyptian Gods for centuries with temples to the Egyptia..
Wedjat Eye of Horus Mini Statue
Place this mini statue near your entry door to help protect your home - or just because it looks pre..