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Sacred Images

Adoration of Ra Plaque with Isis and Nepthys

This stunning relief plaque depicts the Adoration of Ra based on a papyrus ..


Bast Copper Sistrum

Bast is the Egyptian cat goddess, daughter of the sun god “Ra”. Bastet was ..


Bast Egyptian Cat Sistrum

Sistrums were used in Ancient Egyptian festivals and rituals to honor the G..


Goddess Isis Egyptian Relief Plaque

The Goddess Isis, one of the most beloved of all Egyptian Goddesses, is sho..


Greek Isis Holding Sistrum Statue

When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in the 4th century B.C.E., Egyptia..


Hathor Turquoise Blue Sistrum

Hathor is the great Sky-Goddess that as a celestial cow gave birth to the u..


Isis as Baubo Greek Statue

Baubo raised her skirt to Demeter who was grieving for her lost daughter Pe..


Isis Nursing Horus Blue Faience Egyptian Mother Statue

In ancient Egypt, faience was a glazed earthware used for statues and usual..


Isis Sistrum

Sistrums like this were used in many Egyptian Temple rituals similar to how..


Maat Bronze Egyptian Goddess Statue

The Goddess Maat is the personification of the Egyptian concept of truth, b..


Nile Goddess Small Bronze Statue

The Nile Goddess dates from the earliest period in Egyptian History, before..


Nuit Egyptian Sky Goddess Plaque

Nut also known as Nuit, often represented as a celestrial cow, is here show..


Osiris Egyptian God Statue

Osiris - King of the Gods, Lord of the Underworld, Brother and Husband of I..

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Winged Isis Black Resin Statue

Beautifully detailed 6 1/4 inch high, 7 1/2 inch wide resin statue of Isis ..


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