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Amulets & Talismans at Egyptian Marketplace

Amulets & Talismans

Our selection of Egyptian Jewelry includes amulets in a variety of materials for decorative and magical wear. 

In ancient Egypt, amulets were miniature representations of animals, gods, symbols, and objects. Furthermore, items found in nature, such as claws and shells, were believed to possess magical power and were used as amulets.

The most common material for creating artificial amulets was faience, an earth-based clay in green and blue hues. Coming from the earth, such amulets were appreciated for their symbolism of life and rejuvenation. Semi-precious gems were also widely used, and their shades often held significant meaning. For instance, red was linked to blood and dangerous energies but was also perceived as a symbol of protection. High-end materials like gold, silver, and electrum, valued for their longevity, were used for amulets by the wealthy in Egyptian society. Although bronze, a popular material for temple offerings, was infrequently used for amulets, the reasons behind this remain a mystery.

Amulets in written form were also common, typically consisting of a brief incantation inscribed on linen or papyrus that was folded and worn on a cord. In theory, anything could be transformed into an amulet through the use of magic.

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