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Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Below is a quick reference chart of some of the most popular Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, how they are commonly shown in Egyptian Statues, or Egyptian Tomb and Temple Reliefs, and what function or area they ruled over.  More information to come.

Name of the God/GoddessShown AsRules
Amun, Amon, AtumMan with head of a Ram, RamLife and Reproduction
Amun-Ra, Amon-Ra, Atum-RaScarab, Falcon's head & Sun DiskSun God, God of the Universe, Creator
AnubisHead of a Jackal, JackalGod of Tombs, Guide to the Dead
Bast or BastetHead of a Cat, CatLife giving, cats, fire, pregnant women
BesDwarfProtection against evil, pregnant women
GebBlack GooseVegetation and the Underworld
HathorHead of a cow, a Cow, Woman with Cows EarsGoddess of Love
HorusHead of a Hawk, HawkSky & Sun God
IsisHeaddress with Horned Sun Disk or a ThroneFertility, Healing & Love Goddess
Khepri, Khepera, KhephriBeetle on his head or the Scarab BeetleMorning Sun & Creator
Khunsu, Khensu, KhonsuFalcon's head & Lunar DiskMoon God
KhnumHead of a RamFertility, Reproduction
Maat, Ma'atWoman with Feather Headdress, Ostrich FeatherDivine Order, Justice


Head of a Bull, or Man with Erect GenitaliaFertility and Sexuality


Head of a Vulture, Headdress is the Atef CrownPersonification of Upper Egypt


Headress is a Incense PotDivine Assistance Goddess
Nut, NuitHead of a cow, a cow with stars on its bodyGoddess of the Sky, Mother Goddess
Opet, Ipe, IpyHippopotamus goddessGoddess of childbirth
OsirisPharaoh wearing a crownGod of Death, the Dead, Underworld
Ptah, TathenenBull or bearded man with skull capCreator
ShuWearing an ostrich feather or LionEmbodiment of the dry air and the wind
Sekhmet aka Eye of RaHead of a Lioness, rarely as a LionLife-destroying power of the sun, vengeance, revenge
Seth, SetBeast-headedGod of Chaos, Desert & Storms
SobekHead of a CrocodileCreator
Ra, ReSolar Disk / Scarab Beetle/ FalconCreator of the Universe, Sun God
TefnutHead of a lionessGoddess of Rain
ThothHead of an Ibis, BaboonWisdom, learning and the arts


Nekhbet - The goddess Nekhbet is often represented as a vulture, as a woman with the head of a vulture or as a woman wearing the Atef-crown. Her primary cult centers were located in the ancient cities of Nekheb (Elkab) and Nekhen (Hierakonpolis), situated across from each other on both banks of the Nile in the South of Upper-Egypt. Her name means 'the one of Nekheb.' Her most important epithet 'the White One of Nekhen' relates her to Hierakonpolis.

Nekhbet is the personification of the White Crown of Upper Egypt, and as such, she is associated with her Lower-Egyptian counterpart, Uto. Both goddesses are often represented together, crowning the king . By extension, she is not only the goddess of the White Crown, but also the patron goddess of Upper-Egypt. As a vulture-goddess, Nekhbet is the goddess of heaven, sometimes related to the sun when she is called 'the Eye of Re' and other times to the moon. She is also the protectress of the king and of the non-royal deceased. As such, she is represented as a vulture extending one wing to the front, the other to the ground, flying above the person she is protecting."