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Welcome to my New Egyptian Blog!

Welcome to my New Egyptian Blog!

Posted By: 1 Published: 08/29/2012 Comments: 0

I am finally getting around to doing a blog for Egyptian Marketplace! A newsletter is planned too, but one thing at a time, right?

This blog will be mostly about Ancient Egypt, the Egyptian Gods, myths and legends with a little archeology and magic thrown in for good measure.

For this first post, I thought I'd give you a bit of a background about me and the store so you know who this crazy lady is you are reading :)

My name is Lori Anne Brown and I the owner, tech, and everything for Egyptian Marketplace and LABEShops (LAB Enterprises Shops) my online stores. My background is in advertising and marketing from the time I was art director for a small ad agency and moved into web design, video production, and event planning over the years.

The stores started in 2001 with a clothing store, Sensual Elegance, that was born out of the frustration of not being able to find sexy plus size clothing locally when I was suddenly single and looking for something cool to wear.  From there, I branched out to encompass the many facets of me and what I loved including Victorian/Gothc clothing and jewelry, my metaphysical studies, and my love for Ancient Egypt which lead me to create Egyptian Marketplace in 2004.

I have been fascinated by Ancient Egypt since the 3rd grade when I read a story about an archeologist and built a model of a pyramid for show and tell. I devoured the myths and legends and as much as I could find. My mother bought me books about King Tut's Tomb and I have been wanting to travel to Egypt ever since. No, I haven't made it there yet (need to actually get a passport first! lol), but definitey will one day.

When I began actively practicing Wicca, it seemed natural to work with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses in my spiritual journey and Isis is instrumental to me, coming to my aid when my mother unexpectedly died in 2003. Thoth and Horus are other favorites of mine and I continue to be fascinated by the rich culture and amazing achievements of Ancient Egypt.

I plan to share some of those myths and legends with you here and look forward to continuing my adventure. I'm not an expert in Ancient Egypt by any means, so please feel free to comment, add more information or correct things I write.

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